Center Party Platform

The Center Party is dedicated to bringing civility back to politics, to bridge the divide between the extremes of the two major parties, to chart a course for government that represents the mainstream and center of public opinion, and to stop radical changes to our government, either from the left or right.

Democrats spend too much money, continually increase taxes, disrespect our immigration laws with a purposely open border, and ignore the crime on our streets.

Republicans try to create extreme restrictions on abortion, embrace election conspiracy theories, and bring chaos to government.

Is this really where we’ve come to in today’s America? Where have all the adults gone to? The politics of personal attacks has frightened many good Americans away from public service. More people leave the major parties every day because neither party represents them anymore.

We are starting this effort in Colorado at the state level. Colorado is a purple state, but where are the purple legislators? We expect that our candidates will be independently minded and not necessarily adhere to every aspect of our platform. We do not intend to use our party structure to bludgeon our candidates into one dogma, but here is our platform starting point that we believe best represents thoughtful governance between the extremes of the two major parties.

We support a change in the voting regulations to ranked choice or approval voting as a means to broaden our democracy, help 3rd parties, and eliminate the “fear of throwing away your vote”, thus discouraging a vote for a 3rd party.

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Homelessness has gotten worse despite expenditures of large sums.
We seek solutions that are compassionate but cost effective and prioritize community and individual property rights.

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Gun Violence

The Center Party supports the 2nd amendment for law abiding citizens, but we support a few common sense restrictions that are supported by a majority of Americans, like Red Flag laws to keep guns away from those who are a known threat to themselves and others .

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Political Process, Democracy and Ethics

What happened at the Capitol January 6th, 2021 was shameful and a terrifying attack on our democracy. We can never let this happen again.

We support Ranked Choice voting.

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Human Rights

The Center Party believes in dignity and respect for everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, language, gender, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

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Climate Change, Environment and Energy

Climate Change is real
Support renewable energy purchases but maintain energy supply stability and security
Be vigilant against polluters
Protect and expand wild lands and open space

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Reproductive Rights

The Center Party is Pro-Choice and supports women’s rights to make decisions about her own body

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The Center Party supports legal Immigration while ­­­­securing the borders to stop the large numbers of migrants entering illegally

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The Economy and Taxes

The Center Party supports fiscal responsibility and policies that enable economic growth.

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We believe that funding for education should be a top priority at the state level because properly preparing our children for the future through a good education is critically important

Full day Kindergarten has proven itself to be a good idea.

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The Center Party supports responsible policing that is equal and fair to all, and criminals are held accountable for their crimes.

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Health Care

The Center Party believes healthcare should be affordable, readily available, and consistent for all.

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Additional Topics

Democratic Socialism?

  • Democratic Socialism?

    We are witnessing in Washington D.C. attempts by the Democrat party to remake America into a socialist society by spending many trillions of dollars. Moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia has said this is “fiscal insanity”. We agree with Senator Manchin. How could we possibly ever pay this back? If passed this would be generational theft. If interest rates go up even slightly, the debt payment burden every year would be astronomical. We already see inflation that is too high, which is a hidden tax on everyone, hurting lower income people the most. Democrats have packed this 2000 page monstrosity with items to pay for “community organizers” to get out the vote for their candidates disguised as “mobilizers to combat climate change”.

  • Diversity and Social Justice

    We believe in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, that we should judge people by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin.

    The injustices perpetrated on minorities in the past were horrific. The battle against racism is not over but we are winning, we live in a much different place today than yesterday.

    While the goals of Social Justice are laudable, to try to make up for the injustices of the past, it is and should remain unconstitutional to create laws and government benefits that accrue to only a certain race or races.

    If we want to lift up the lives of Black Americans, and we do, then we have to craft legislation that benefits all people that are less fortunate, and if that happens to disproportionately help more Black Americans and Hispanic Americans than White Americans, that’s fine. No race is excluded from the benefits. All races are equal under the law.

    We believe that we are a prosperous country and that we have a lot of resources to help those who are less fortunate, but that we must be prudent, to first know the limits of how much we have available to share. As our economy grows stronger every year, the amount we can use to help the less fortunate will also grow.

  • Social Tolerance

    Colorado is a very diverse state, we celebrate our diversity and we are full of decent, respectful, caring people who are socially tolerant and want government to keep the playing field level so that everyone can have an equal shot at achieving their dreams, regardless of race or sexual orientation. Marriage today is more than a religious ceremony. It affords legal protection for the partners joined together, and therefore is appropriately granted to same sex couples.

  • Government Accountability

    Government needs to be inclusive and transparent, allowing all people to have a voice, and to make decisions slowly, not in the dead of night, trying to pass legislation before citizens can even read the bills and have their voices heard. Too much legislation is packed with multiple topics so that controversial items can be forced through on must pass legislation.

    Government reform needs to be fact based and science based, and not on feel-good platitudes expressed in political campaigns. We support political reforms that would loosen the strangled hold of the major parties on our politics, such as Ranked Choice voting or Final Five voting.

    We believe that the general structure of government today is appropriate and that we should NOT experiment with radical government reforms. We do need to constantly look for ways to make government more operationally efficient as technology and business operations continue to evolve.