Executive Committee

Executive Committee members

Steve Yurash

State Chairman

Steve Yurash

Born and raised in Palo Alto, CA , lived there until moving to Fort Collins in 2003

B.S. Physics from San Jose State

Retired former Intel corporation computer chip engineer, doing design, test, and debug

Former member of the Larimer County Board of Health

Former member of the Fort Collins Electric Board

Political consultant for local non-partisan races as a hobby in my 20's

Former Republican

Avid skier, hiker and motorcycle rider

Who is Steve Yurash: https://youtu.be/-A2u9u0JnJY

3 adult children:

Stephanie - Economics, University of Chicago

Melissa - Statistics, Denver University

Brett - P.h.d. Chemistry, UC Santa Barbara

Max Koxholt

Executive Committee Bonus member

Karell Reader

Executive Committee Bonus member

Skinny Winkler

Executive Committee Bonus member

Owner SSS productions

Matt Snider

Executive Committee Bonus member

Member of Aurora Civil Service Commission

Jon Ludwig

Executive Committee Bonus member

Van Dougherty


Nick Barr


Nick Barr resides in the Jefferson County side of Westminster and has lived in Colorado ...