A February 2021 Gallup poll revealed that a huge majority – that is 62% of Americans -, want a third party. Only 33% feel that Republicans and Democrats adequately represent the political system. The Colorado Center Party is being created to fill that need in the American political system. You don’t want to have to choose between socialism or banning all abortions. You don’t want to have to choose between the green new deal or big corporate special interests.


The Center Party represents the political center, or middle of the political spectrum. We don’t even need to win a majority of seats in the legislature to have a big impact. Winning a few seats in the state legislature is all that is needed to prevent both Democrats and Republicans from having a majority and imposing their will on the rest of us. A win of a few seats for the Center Party means that there would have to be a civil discourse between us and either the Democrats or Republicans in Denver to craft and pass legislation. This means we can prevent radical changes to our government.

"The primary election system ensures that both Democrats and Republicans elect extreme candidates to represent them. We desperately need a third party to bring mainstream candidates to the general election ballot."

Most “3rd parties” are founded on their own extreme agenda. The green party is all about getting rid of fossil fuels and the green new deal. The libertarian party is all about reducing the size of government without consumer protections. It sounds good to have more renewable energy and less government, but what gets upended in the process? What are the unintended consequences of moving too fast, or poorly written legislation? We need a political party that is pragmatic and realistic, not living in some utopian dream. How should government actually make normal peoples lives more livable? The Center Party is the first “3rd party” to dedicate itself to the middle of the political spectrum.

Stop the nonsense

Is this what politics seems like? Constant mud wrestling and name calling? Wouldn’t it be nice to actually focus on how government should accomplish the goals we all want? We won’t question the motives of the other parties. We believe people who want to serve in government do so for the right reasons, but they don’t always have the right ideas of how to get us there. If we slow down and take a deep breath, and act in a fully transparent manner so that everyone has a voice, we’ll all realize that we’re very fortunate to live here so let’s not screw it up with radical changes to what we know already works really well. Our children are depending on us to get it right.