Video List

Here are some insightful videos from the Colorado Center Party!

Center Party achieves Minor Party Status

The recently formed Colorado Center Party, , gained minor party status this month from the Secretary of State. Minor party status allows the party to nominate candidates for the general election ballot without having to collect petition signatures to get onto the ballot.                 The Colorado Center Party was launched in January of 2022 when they held their first election of officers and Executive Committee members. It is not affiliated with any national organization. The Center party has a platform that is pro-choice on abortion, fighting crime by maintaining cash bail for those accused of a crime and support…

Property taxes to skyrocket

I don’t think we can trust the left leaning legislature to protect us against sky-high property tax bills after the elimination of the Gallagher amendment protections. SB23-303 created a ballot issue for November that looks like a shell game of temporary reductions to make us think we’re getting money back. Will we accept the plan to “retain and spend excess state revenues that will be used to backfill some of the reduced property tax revenue”? We either take what crumbs they offer us, or we get no relief at all. The Republicans walked out of the deliberations and ended up…

Massive Covid relief fraud

Taxpayers lost nearly $200 billion to fraud that was meant for struggling small businesses, according to a new Inspector General report on the Small Business Administration’s COVID-era pandemic relief programs. This is a staggering amount of money for our government to lose to corruption, $1,673 for every individual who filed a tax return in 2022. Our Congress should be ashamed to have created programs of such size without proper fraud protections, throwing our money out the window while claiming to be helping us. Support the Center Party to stop the nonsense!

Debt Ceiling agreement

We applaud the recent debt ceiling resolution which came out of the negotiations between President Biden and Speaker McCarthy. We avoided default on our debt. But this is not a complete solution and will necessitate more work on reducing the annual deficit after the 2024 election. An economic recession is still a real possibility because Americans have too much debt on their credit cards and wages have not caught up with inflation. Protecting Americans from a collapsing economy has to be job #1 for Congress.