Steve Yurash for State House District 52

Steve Yurash has announced his candidacy for House District 52 which encompasses the southern part of Fort Collins.

Steve is currently the State Chairman for the new Colorado Center Party.

“Working Americans live pay check to pay check, living on the financial precipice, overloaded with debt and crushed by inflation and threatened by crime. We need a voice for the majority in the middle in our State Capital to balance the competing interests and focus on common sense solutions instead of strident ideology. We should not tip the scales too far in any direction and keep things fair and just for everyone.”

“The first rule of economics is that scarcity is real. The first rule of politics is to ignore the first rule of economics. I will not ignore economics or common sense. We need new political leaders grounded in the reality of our difficult and complex lives willing to make the difficult choices of what government should do and what it should not.”

“Our government should preserve our TABOR refunds and stop trying to trick us like they did in proposition HH. We need to maintain local control of our land use zoning to preserve the character of our neighborhoods. We need to support our police and maintain cash bail to reduce theft and keep repeat offenders locked up. Our Healthcare system is financially unstable, we must act now to work WITH hospitals and doctors on cost control, not against them, and not let government take over the system. Our students are falling behind in their test scores so we need to keep our focus, and our money, on what happens inside the classroom”.

“Our politics is far too divisive with too many strident voices. Families can’t even talk to each other anymore. I can bring the voice of common sense and civility back to our State government to get to work on real solutions that our citizens deserve, and that is why I’m running for State House district 52”.

District 52 is the southern part of  Fort Collins West of I 25 between Horsetooth and Carpenter Road, and a section south of Mulberry and East of Lemay and another section south of Drake and east of Shields.