Steve Yurash for State House District 52

Steve Yurash has announced his candidacy for House District 52 which encompasses the southern part of Fort Collins.

Steve is currently the State Chairman for the new Colorado Center Party.

“Working Americans live pay check to pay check, living on the financial precipice, overloaded with debt and crushed by inflation and threatened by crime. We need a voice for the majority in the middle in our State Capital to balance the competing interests and focus on common sense solutions instead of strident ideology. We should not tip the scales too far in any direction and keep things fair and just for everyone.”

“The first rule of economics is that scarcity is real. The first rule of politics is to ignore the first rule of economics. I will not ignore economics or common sense. We need new political leaders grounded in the reality of our difficult and complex lives willing to make the difficult choices of what government should do and what it should not.”

“Our government should preserve our TABOR refunds and stop trying to trick us like they did in proposition HH. We need to maintain local control of our land use zoning to preserve the character of our neighborhoods. We need to support our police and maintain cash bail to reduce theft and keep repeat offenders locked up. Our Healthcare system is financially unstable, we must act now to work WITH hospitals and doctors on cost control, not against them, and not let government take over the system. Our students are falling behind in their test scores so we need to keep our focus, and our money, on what happens inside the classroom”.

“Our politics is far too divisive with too much acrimony. Families can’t even talk to each other anymore. I can bring the voice of common sense and civility back to our State government to get to work on real solutions that our citizens deserve, and that is why I’m running for State House district 52”.

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District 52 is the southern part of  Fort Collins West of I 25 between Horsetooth and Carpenter Road, and a section south of Mulberry and East of Lemay and another section south of Drake and east of Shields.

My two grand children are of mixed race and I want them to live in a country without hate or discrimination. I will work hard make sure our government supports liberty and justice for all so that everyone of us has a fair opportunity at achieving their dreams.

I am proud to have the following endorsements

Steve Johnson - Former State Legislator and County Commissioner

The two major political parties have been taken over by the extremes and are largely unable to govern with any common sense. We need people in government who are committed to addressing the challenges facing us rather than being so obsessed on accumulating power and defeating the other party. That’s why I’m supporting Steve Yurash for State Representative, an independent, moderate voice for all of us.

Trudy Haines - Retired VP of HR at Hewlett Packard and current HOA coalition leader

As a lifelong Democrat, I believe that Colorado Democrats no longer listen to regular citizens. They have passed massive, one-size-fits-all land use mandates with no regard to City Home Rule.  I have worked for years on open space tax initiatives and boards to ensure both our City and County purchase and preserve open space.  I have worked in a leadership role against Statewide and City land use code changes that will accelerate growth and destroy our well-planned neighborhoods.  I have known Steve for years and know that he shares the same values for our environment and habitat, women’s rights and safety, education, preserving City and County Home Rule in land use–and what makes Colorado so special.  Steve Yurash as our State Representative will truly listen–and treat us all with respect.

Steve Brutscher - Retired Urologist and Chief of Staff at Poudre Valley Hospital

In my 35 years in medicine, 18 in administration, I’ve seen a lot of changes. I have major concerns for the financial health of our hospitals. I fear unsound proposals like single payer will break the Healthcare system. I know that Steve agrees with my concerns, and wants to keep our Healthcare system financially sound so that our seniors are well cared for and we focus on true operational cost savings to make healthcare as affordable as possible without breaking the system. That’s why I support Steve Yurash.

Diggs Brown - Former Fort Collins City Councilman and Retired Special Forces Officer

With all the overreach of our state government I believe Steve Yurash is the best choice to bring a level of reason back to the state capitol. He is a firm believer in local control for local matters. I have known Steve for many years and have always been impressed by his dedication, integrity, and passion for serving the community. He has a deep understanding of the issues that matter most to our community and is willing to listen to the people he represents. He will bring a fresh perspective and effective leadership to our state government. I am confident that he will work tirelessly to represent our community and advocate for policies that will benefit all of us. Steve is my choice for the House 52 seat, and he should be yours.

Eric Hamrick - Former Fort Collins City Council member and retired CSU Procurement & Contracting Specialist

I enthusiastically support Steve Yurash for Colorado State House District 52.  Steve is a longtime Fort Collins resident who has been active in local government and is attuned to the many issues facing us.  He believes in transparency in government and giving a genuine voice to the residents of the community.  Steve has been a tireless advocate for real property tax relief, continuation of TABOR tax refunds, preservation of local control and believes each community must have a right to self-governance.  Steve believes that public participation is based on the principle that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process. As the Center Party candidate Steve will bring a fresh perspective and pragmatic approach to governance.  Please join me in voting for Steve Yurash for Colorado State House District 52.

Kathy Wolf - Retired Biology Professor and Nurse Practitioner

As the former chairperson of the Steamboat Springs planning commission, I know how important it is to understand the land use code and how it determines the character of every neighborhood. I’m really impressed with how Steve is committed to preserving our neighborhoods and understands how this code and the state level issues will impact us. I also really like that he’s served on the Larimer Board of Health because Public Health helps the whole community. I trust Steve to do a great job in keeping Fort Collins and Colorado a great place to live.

Glen Colton - Retired HP Finance Manager and Environmentalist

I have worked for decades on preserving our environment, our local neighborhood character, preserving open space, natural areas, and making sure everything we do is sustainable, even our population growth. I’ve known Steve long enough to know he shares my concerns and will work hard at the State Capitol to preserve local control over land use and city growth so that Fort Collins will always be a great place to live.

Peter O'neill - Retired Agilent Engineer, Former Fort Collins Energy board Chair, Water Board director


Steve is passionate about developing practical solutions to difficult problems that most people can support.  In the necessary transition to a clean, carbon-free energy system, he believes that reliability and affordability are paramount.  Renewable energy sources can only be added in so far as their intermittency can be firmed by increasingly capable storage and smart grid technologies while perhaps new dispatchable carbon-free sources are added.  He believes that while the schedule for this transition must be ambitious, it must be fashioned in conjunction with a funding plan that is affordable to the ratepayers and taxpayers.


Steve believes that housing is a local matter that should not be driven by state mandates.  The residents of a city and its institutions in which they can participate are better situated to create and administer land use decisions than less accessible and informed state and federal officials.  Colorado’s current housing challenge is a much a matter of excessive demand as it is of short supply.  The real goal is to achieve the distribution of housing types and prices needed to house the range of people needed to form and support the community in which they live rather than to grow capacity.  Steve understands that there are limits the population Colorado can support and maintain the quality of life that attracts so many people to our state.