Political Process, Democracy and Ethics


The Capitol insurrection and riot on January 6th, 2021 was shameful and a terrifying attack on our democracy. The hyper-partisan atmosphere and acceptance of political animosity from both sides contributed to this event. The recent anti-Semitic, pro-Palestine campus takeovers are also unacceptable. We must resolve to change the political environment so that political partisans would never even think of trying this again.

Whereas simple plurality voting, AKA single choice, is not good for truly representative government;
4a. Be it resolved that we support Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) and/or Approval Voting at all levels of government to ensure the winning candidate has the broadest overall voter support.

Whereas politicians and judges are rarely held accountable to personal and political standards that inspire trust in elected leaders to represent public interests;
4b. Be it resolved that we support strong financial ethics standards with enforcement for politicians and judges, which require full disclosure of gifts, payments, and loans to themselves or family members.