Climate Change, Environment and Energy



We believe that humans can and do negatively impact our environment in a variety of ways due to the large population growth and so we need government to be vigilant against polluters and protect and expand wild lands and open space.

Whereas Colorado’s natural areas are a vital resource and one of the best parts of living here;
3a. Be it resolved that we support robust funding for state park improvements and creation of new open spaces.

3b. Be it resolved that growth planning is essential at the local level, and municipalities must ensure that growth does not fundamentally alter the character of our state.

Whereas transitioning our electric power generation towards cleaner or renewable sources is an important goal;
3c. Be it resolved that we believe this transition should be ambitious and feasible, without jeopardizing our energy security, to maintain our economy and standard of living.

3d. Be it resolved that we do not support time based legislative mandates, and instead support defined budgetary expenditures to invest in cleaner energy sources.

3e. Be it resolved that we recognize that Climate Change is real, and that humans have a responsibility to be mindful of our effects on the environment.

Whereas human activity creates empirically observable effects on the environment at the local and global scale;
3f. Be it resolved that we support monitoring pollution levels, and imposing severe penalties for negligent or reckless activity which causes harm to the environment.

3g. Be it resolved that regulations must be efficient and focused on promoting best practices without destroying necessary and vital industries.

Whereas the buildout of renewable energy sources is dependent on the mining of critical minerals and a robust economy to pay for the buildout;
3h. Be it resolved that we do not support the premature shuttering of mining or petroleum operations.

3i. Be it resolved that we support maintaining mining and fossil fuel production as a necessary part of a robust economy and renewable energy expansion.

Whereas nuclear power can be built in a safe, clean, reliable manner, and nuclear power is currently supplying 10% of worldwide electric power;
3j. Be it resolved that we believe that building more nuclear power plants is essential to the American power grid.

3k. Be it resolved that safety regulation of nuclear power plants is important, but that excessive red tape must be eliminated to bring more plants online reasonably quickly.

Whereas wildfire has devastated the western United States over the past decade;
3l. Be it resolved that we support active forestry and conservation efforts designed to maximize the health of our forests and wildlands, and to limit wildfire hazards.

Whereas Colorado’s mountain snow is the origin of much water for the western US; and water rights laws are antiquated and cannot sustain agriculture and our growing population;
3m. Be it resolved that interstate water agreements need to be renegotiated on account of scarcity.

3n. Be it resolved that we support policies which encourage water conservation and penalize wasteful use of water.