The Colorado Center Party believes that abortions should be safe, legal and rare. We supported the reproductive rights of women granted under the Roe V. Wade decision. We support efforts in each state to protect the reproductive rights of Women and a national law or constitutional amendment to define and protect women’s reproductive rights so that the law does not change every two years with a new Congress. The prospect of women having to seek care in a distant state from where they live is wrong. The Center Party will work vigorously toward protecting women’s reproductive rights to choose as they see best for their own health and moral and spiritual judgement. Late term abortions are already rare, and how would a legislature even list and codify all the different possible exceptions of where it does or doesn’t make sense? Each individual’s circumstances are unique, and we believe that our government at every level should protect every individual’s personal freedom to choose their own destiny and control of their own body. We denounce the violence, hatred, and bullying perpetrated by the extremes of both sides, physically threatening judges, and legislators, or attacking or defacing abortion clinics or birthing support centers, and our government institutions. The vitriol is undemocratic. We need cooler heads, in the middle, to chart a course for liberty and justice for all, which is why we need the Colorado Center Party.