63 percent of Americans want a third party. It seems both the Democrats and Republicans are off the rails. A lot of people tend to vote for the lesser of two evils. They hate the other party more than they like their own party. How depressing is that? So I’m working on bringing to life a 3rd party that is in the middle politically.

The Center Party has been in my thoughts for more than a decade. While I was still working at Intel I knew I had to concentrate on my job. Working in the Semiconductor industry is very demanding, working all kinds of weird hours and weekends when needed. I retired in January this year, 2021, at the age of 60, and so now I can work on the Center Party as much as I want. Now I’m a full time web designer! I’ve been involved in Politics as a Republican since I was in College at San Jose State. But I was always pro-choice and never fully felt at home. I’ve been a campaign consultant in my spare time for non-partisan local races back in Silicon Valley and here in Fort Collins. I’ve been to Republican state party conventions in California and here in Colorado. So I know the ropes of how these things work. This can be done, I think people will give a good look at any candidate who calls themselves “center”.