The Plan

Currently in the Colorado State House there are

41 Democrats and 24 Republicans

Capturing 9 house seats from the Democrats would deprive them of a majority.

Currently in the State Senate there are:

20 Democrats and 15 Republicans

Capturing 3 State Senate seats from the Democrats would deprive them of a  majority.

That’s not to say we would only run candidates against Democrat seats. We will run candidates wherever we can recruit a good candidate.


Here is what we have to do to launch the Center Party:

  1. Create the web site – done , and always adding more content
  2. Write the bylaws – done
  3. Recruit a core team of 4 Executive Committee officers
    1. State Chair – Steve Yurash
    2. Vice Chair
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
  4. Open the bank account for fundraising – done
  5. Advertise the party to point them to the web site
    1. Radio ad – done, not very effective
    2. Make appearances on talk radio – possibly week of June 6th
    3. Create a postcard for mailing in targeted districts – done
    4. Create a bigger social media presence – in process
  6. Hold the organizing convention in January to formally elect officers and vote on the platform – done
  7. Submit the organization bylaws to the Secretary of State – done
  8. Hold the nominating Convention before June 2022
    1. Nominate at least 3 candidates for State Senate
    2. Nominate at least 5 candidates for State House
      1. well, we didn’t nominate that many candidates, but we do have 2 candidates for U.S. Congress and one for State Senate
      2. Steve Yurash for 2nd Congressional District
      3. Tim Long for 8th Congressional District
      4. Matt Snider for 27th State Senate District
  9. Help the candidates collect their ballot petition signatures – in progress, go to the contact us or get involved page to help us out!
  10. Run the campaigns for the November election and WIN!