While immigration is mostly a Federal issue, and the Center Party wants to concentrate on the Colorado state level at this time, people want to know where we stand.

The situation at the border can only be described as a crisis.

Democrat mayors of border towns in Texas are begging the Biden administration to stop the border surge by re-implementing the prior administration’s policies which were effective in stopping the flow of illegal migrants.

We believe that illegal immigration is bad for our country, it grows our population too fast which puts a strain on our housing supply, schools, hospitals, roads and general infrastructure.

At the state level, creating sanctuary for criminal aliens is very bad policy. This endangers the safety of our communities, especially lower income neighborhoods of color.

We are compassionate to allow into our country low skilled immigrants who take low paying jobs. But let’s be honest that they contribute below average tax payments because of our progressive tax system, they consume more in government benefits due to their low skill and poverty, and these individuals in the aggregate make large remittances to their home countries, taking money out of our economy, so it is a fallacy to think that somehow low skill immigrants benefit our economy. It is because of our compassion to those less fortunate that we let them in.

There are many millions of illegal aliens in Los Angeles today, and the cost in terms of quality of life is staggering, the crime, traffic congestion, multiple families crammed into small homes, poor schools, poor health care options, are all made worse by this problem.

We believe that the most humane and compassionate way to solve this problem is to grant TEMPORARY guest worker status to illegal aliens that are already here, ones that businesses want to hire – or may already be employing, but that they MUST eventually return to their home country. This can happen if we implement a bill that passed in committee in Washington that would require guest workers to pay FICA taxes ( which they currently do not pay at all ) into an account in their name, to be paid to the worker after they return to their home country.

Illegal aliens should never be granted full citizenship with voting rights. They were not coming here seeking the right to vote, nor is it fair to current citizens who were expecting our federal government to enforce existing laws on immigration to allow illegal aliens to cancel out legal voters.