Health Care

Maintain current status of access to reproductive care for ALL women.
Maintain current access to abortion services for ALL women.
Political parties need to be honest with voters and recognize that Medicaid and Medicare do NOT reimburse hospitals or doctors for the full costs of providing health care services.
We believe that Radical changes like “Medicare for all”, or a so-called “public option” would do more harm than good to the overall Health care for Coloradans by under-paying Hospitals and doctors and shifting cost burdens to everyone else not in government sponsored plans.
Government assistance to the poor should be a sliding scale of subsidized premiums utilizing private insurance plans with more care and coverage options than exist today. A one size fits all coverage plan is a bad idea.
The goal of providing basic health care for all is dependent on what is actually included in “basic health care”, and our ability to afford it and all the other things government must do for the citizens
Most recent health care reform plans only address who pays for care. We urgently need true cost reforms that address root causes of high health care costs, such as the residency system that ends up limiting the number of new doctors produced each year, and restrictions on creating new independent specialty facilities, and liability reform.
Strengthen health care pricing transparency regulations.