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A $20 or larger donation can be considered dues payment. Paying dues allows you to be an "active member" and vote in our meetings and the platform. This does not create any obligation, just a privilege if you wish to exercise it. Anyone can donate, but you must be registered to vote with the Center Party if you wish to become an active member. Our home page has a link to help you change your registration.

In order to comply with political contribution regulations we need to collect some information from you.

Please give us your name, address and occupation and employer We cannot accept contributions from non-citizens or corporations or if you will be reimbursed for the contribution by someone else. After you enter the data in this form click the button at the bottom to go to the actual contribution section which is managed by paypal. You do not need a paypal account, you can contribute using a credit card.

The maximum contribution to a political party in Colorado is $3,875

If nothing happens after clicking the submit button above, please check for missing information in items with a red star, those are required. Also, some virus protection software will prevent the script from running the pop-up window and it will appear that nothing happens when you submit. Check the upper right of your browser window to unblock the pop-up, or you can directly use your Paypal account to send the money to Call or text Steve at 970-215-6755 for more help.