Tim Long in front of the Capitol

Hi I’m Tim Long and I’m running for Congress as a member of the Center Party to create a counter balance against the extreme elements of the far left that controls the Democratic Party AND the far right that dominates the Republican party. We’ve created the new Center Party this year to represent the true majority of Americans in the moderate middle.

We’re tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. But our system of primary elections guarantees that both Democrats and Republicans put up extreme candidates to satisfy their narrow, extreme voting bases. Sixty two percent of Americans want a third party and 47 percent of voters in the 8th Congressional district are unaffiliated with a party because neither major party represents them. Now with the Center Party there is a REAL choice in the middle.

Middle America wants fiscal responsibility to control inflation, safe streets with adequate police protection, respect for a woman’s right to choose, government that’s inclusive of everyone, healthcare that is more affordable, and schools that are responsive to parents.

I know about healthcare because I’ve spent most of my entire career in Hospital administration and strategic planning. Delivering affordable healthcare is about allowing doctors and nurses the flexibility to setup their practices in the most efficient way possible without having to deal with expensive government mandates. Politicians don’t comprehend the unintended consequences of broken systems like Medicare and Medicaid that don’t even come close to reimbursing Doctors and hospitals for the full cost of services. It’s vital that we elect people able to understand the big picture of what happens when government micro-manages our healthcare decisions.

I also know about education because my wife and I are stewards of Gradalis teacher education that provides public and private teachers with an independent education to inspire them with the skills to bring out the best in their students. We all benefit from better schools and better teachers, and so I want to use my expertise in education to help guide our government to make better choices for our children, and not inject political agendas into education.

I know about first responders because I serve on the North Metro fire district board. I understand what our first responders have to deal with every day and what they need to keep us safe. I can use that understanding to make sure our first responders are the best they can be.

So this all comes back to you the voter, will you choose between the lesser of two evils from the far left or far right, or the new Center Party and me, Tim Long, to represent everyone in the middle with what YOU really want in YOUR government.