Steve Yurash for Congress

Steve is the Center Party Chairman and also a candidate for Congress in the 2nd Congressional district. Democrat Joe Neguse is the incumbent.

Steve is dedicated to our great country

We need to fix our broken democracy for our kids to have a better future

Steve's family, Stephanie with her husband Travis and their two kids, Levi and Callie, and Melissa and Brett


The Three most important issues in this election are:

  1. Fighting inflation by reducing Federal government spending on overly generous aid to able bodied working age people and having a more reasonable energy policy to keep gasoline prices down.
  2. Fighting crime by stopping the revolving door at the jail.
  3. Protecting Women’s reproductive rights.

I grew up in Palo Alto, California. My first job in high school was the cleanup boy at the local butcher shop. I believe in the rewards of hard work. I lived at home while I attended San Jose State University. After receiving my degree in Physics I started work in the computer chip industry. I worked for 38 years in the chip industry, 23 years of that at Intel Corporation, mostly in engineering. I came to Fort Collins in 2003. I believe that everyone should participate in helping make their community a better place. I have served on the Larimer County Board of Health and the Fort Collins Electric Board. A good education is very important and my three adult children have college degrees in Economics, Statistics and Chemistry.

Here I am just after graduating from college, and as a youngster learning to ski in the Sierras near Tahoe.

I’m Steve Yurash and I’m running for Congress because a majority of Americans are tired of the political extremes controlling politics, they want a 3rd party in the middle, they want an end to the non-sense in Washington and a return to common sense. Republicans AND Democrats continue to move further away from the mainstream with each election because the extreme elements control the primary election system. Whether it’s Republicans complaining about stolen elections or Democrats complaining about Russian collusion and disinformation, neither party seems to care about the truth anymore and what really matters to us in our daily lives. Only a new Center Party can bring forward fresh, pragmatic, centrist candidates that are both fiscally responsible and inclusive, civil rights protectors.

It’s absolutely tragic how badly our government has lost it’s balance and extreme ideology has taken over.  It’s obvious that the Democratic party leadership in Washington isn’t good at math. More government spending ADDS to inflation. High gas prices PLUS high food prices equals devastation for family budgets. These things started BEFORE the war in Ukraine and cannot be blamed just on Vladimir Putin. When Republicans controlled Congress they too added to the spending spree just to “get a win for their President”, are you winning? Each year the political leadership adds every spending program they can possibly imagine into one humongous bill, thousands of pages, submitted right before the debt limit runs out so they can hold Americans hostage to a government shutdown until the other side capitulates. This horrible political brinksmanship with OUR money has created an enormous accumulated debt of over 30 Trillion dollars, and an annual deficit of over 2 Trillion. this is a true existential threat to our country’s survival. Solving this problem starts with requiring every cabinet department’s budget to get a separate vote. This government largesse is an invitation to fraud and waste and takes workers away from the private sector that create the goods and services we need. The problem is not the unemployment rate, it’s the labor participation rate. We need to reinstate President Bill Clinton’s work for Welfare program. Now as the Federal reserve raises interest rates to curb inflation, they not only wreak havoc on home ownership, crushing the American dream, they also increase the amount of interest the government must pay on past debt that could send us into a devastating debt spiral. Albert Einstein once said that the most powerful force in the universe was… compound interest. America is getting sucked into a fiscal black hole by politicians that just don’t add up.

I really like that quote from Albert Einstein because I have a degree in Physics and I’ve worked my entire career in the computer chip industry in various roles including design, test, marketing and management. I have also been involved with our community for a long time, having served on the Fort Collins Electric Board, I saw how low electric rates are good for the economy and job creation and how underground power lines are good for our environment and electric reliability, and I understand the promise, but also the limitations of renewable energy. I also served for 9 years on the Larimer County board of health, where we did good work in helping at risk individuals with pre-natal care, immunizations, west Nile virus control, and mental health advocacy. But I also uncovered government dysfunction, I found employees who complained of managers who were “retired on the job”, milking the system, and an inability to innovate and be more efficient. That’s why we need leaders who have a balanced view of the good things that government can do on the one hand, but also the pitfalls of a stagnant bureaucracy on the other.

Fighting crime is another area where we’ve lost our balance. It’s terrifying how crime has gotten so bad that it’s on everyone’s mind. We cannot allow our police to be so demonized that they can no longer function appropriately. We cannot treat criminals as if THEY are the victims, nor can we let police off the hook when they behave badly. Eliminating cash bail as some cities have done puts dangerous and deranged individuals back on the streets, often to prey upon vulnerable communities of color. Big city Democratic politicians don’t seem to care. Adding mental health experts to assist the police makes sense, but its not a replacement for what police do.

We also need to have balance with health care. One side wants “Medicare for all” to start us on the slippery slope to single payer, and other side wants complete control of women’s pregnancies. I believe in a woman’s right to choose to end a pregnancy at any time, except with a very late term partial birth abortion, and doctors and nurses should never be forced into performing procedures they don’t agree with. Government control of your health care would create enormous problems because Medicare and Medicaid have never paid Doctors and hospitals for the true costs of caring for patients. Government simply expects them to shift all the uncovered costs onto the employer plans. We need price transparency and no surprises pricing.

We will never achieve a balance in government if only polar opposite candidates get on the ballot. Electing just a few Center Party candidates could force both Democrats and Republicans to negotiate a common way forward and eliminate the “my way or the highway” thinking. The Center Party offers a balanced approach to keep government in the middle, careful with your tax dollars, protective of our civil rights, fiscally responsible and inclusive. I ask you to vote for me, Steve Yurash, and our other Center Party candidates.